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Our little Striker is doing well, he's a very happy little boy and very much part of our family. He loves our other beagle Olive and is a mess when he's separated from her for more than 5 mins. He's a very loyal and sweet beagle who stays with you when your gardening and always likes to know where you are. We are very happy with him and can't remember what it was like without him!

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BAXTER (formerly JOKER)


Firstly, Joker has a new name, Baxter. And as he is so smart, it only took him about 1 week to start answering to it!


He is doing really well in his new home. At first he used to go to Scott's mum's during the day so he wasn't lonely, but now he stays home by himself, and so far so good. He hasn't destroyed any of the out door furniture, only tends to dig small holes under the deck where we cant see them, and just seems to sleep all day.


He has a few issues with people and unfamiliar territory though. He didnt like going for walks at first, everything scared him, including parked cars. He is a bit better now, and especially loves his walks around our neighbourhood where its familiar. He will go for walks in places that he doesnt know, as long as its not too crowded, and he still stresses out a bit. Im sure practice will make perfect.


He doesn't like new people at all. If we have people over that he doesn't know, he will go out the back and get as far away from them as possible. He spent Christmas Day under the deck where no-one could see him as there were too many people for his liking. If there are only one or 2 people over to visit, he will slowly come in and get pats from them. Loud noises and children scare him - he will get used to that as we have 7 nieces and nephews - all under 5!


Apart from that, he is doing well. He spends his days laying around in the sun. He has learnt to play fetch, and is getting better at it (tends to get distracted). We take him to as many different places as we can to get him used to people. We find that we can take him off his lead, and he will stay by our sides all the time. I would say once he gets a bit more confidence this will stop!


Playing wrestles inside of a night is a great game, and him and Scott chase each other around and carry on like silly buggers alot. They wear each other out, and then its time for belly rubs to settle him down and then he falls asleep.... usually getting cuddles too. He is a loud snorer, and we can hear him in his kennel from inside the house.


We have had a lot of rain up here recently, and have found that "Princess Baxter" doesn't like to get his paws wet... so he just pees inside on the carpet. We have now started house training him a bit more... once he is on the grass its fine... but getting him on the grass can be testing at times.

Once he is there, he has realised the quicker he wees, the quicker he can go inside! If its not raining, he has no accidents... just goes outside.

Truly is because he doesn't like getting his paws wet!


All in all, he is the best beagle we could have hoped for. People told us all the horrible things they do (and I had experienced having one before).... the chewing, the baying, the pulling on the lead... but we have heard him bark only once, and apart from stealing socks if they are left around, he hasn't destroyed anything. He walks calmly beside you on the lead and loves to go for a run. I am so glad we didnt get a puppy, and Baxter's nature is truly a goddsend! People comment all the time when they meet him how well mannered he is, and are surprised to learn of his good behaviour at home. If anyone we know is thinking of getting a beagle, we will send them your way with instructions to get a older beagle!


Ive attached some photos of him on some outings (including his camping trip)... and his story's to go with them.










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